Issue 9.1 – Geopolitical Imaginaries in the Americas

Vol. 9 No. 1 (May 2016):

Geopolitical Imaginaries in the Americas

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Clara Buitrago, Mirko Petersen, Paul-Matthias Tyrell & Dorothea Wehrmann, Bielefeld University:
Introduction: Geopolitical Imaginaries in the Americas
Eric Selbin, Southwestern University:
Spaces and Places of (Im)Possibility and Desire:
Transversal Revolutionary Imaginaries in the Twentieth Century Americas
Angelika Epple & Kirsten Kramer, Bielefeld University:
Globalization, Imagination, Social Space:
The Making of Geopolitical Imaginaries
Nicolás Damin, CEIL-CONICET-UnLA & Dario Dawyd, CEIL-CONICET-UNLaM &
Joaquín Aldao, CONICET-UNMdP:
Imaginarios geopolíticos de la Confederación General del Trabajo Argentina
Klaus Weinhauer, Bielefeld University:
Imaginaries of Urban Threat:
Perceptions of Collective Protest and Violence in the USA and in Argentina
During the 20th Century