Vol. 10.1 (May 2017)


Capital Crimes in the Americas

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Nicole Sparling Barco, Central Michigan University:
Capital Crimes in the Americas
Annika Eisenberg, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt:
The Sound of L.A. Noir – Listening to Marlowe´s Los Angeles in Raymond Chandler´s The Long Goodbye and Benjamin Black´s The Black-Eyed Blonde
Erik Larson, Brigham Young University:
Donde todo se paga: Ricardo Piglia’s Blanco nocturno as a Lesson in Noir Economics
Leisa Rothlisberger Wiest, Pennsylvania State University:
Detective Fiction in the Monster, Mexico City
Andres Aluma-Cazorla, University of Illinois-Chicago:
Violence and Globalization in De que nada se sabe (2002) by Alfredo Noriega: A Dark Account of Late Twentieth Century Ecuador in a Glocal Noir Ecuatoriano
Jayashree Kamble, City University of New York: LaGuardia Community College:
From Barbarized to Disneyfied: Viewing 1990s New York City Through Eve Dallas, J.D. Robb’s Futuristic Homicide Detective
Nicole Sparling Barco, Central Michigan University:
Difficult to Digest: Rubem Fonseca’s “Intestino Grosso” [“Large Intestine”] as a Scatological Theory of Crime Fiction