Vol. 7.3 (Dec. 2014)


Theorizing Hemispheric American Studies

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Djelal Kadir, Pennsylvania State University:
Imperial Calculus: E Pluribus Unum
Claudia Sadowski-Smith, Arizona State University:
The Centrality of the Canada-US Border for Hemispheric Studies of the Americas
Walter Mignolo, Duke University:
Decolonial Reflections on Hemispheric Partitions The “Western Hemisphere” in the Colonial Horizon of Modernity and the Irreversible Historical Shift to the “Eastern Hemisphere”
Wilfried Raussert, Bielefeld University:
Mobilizing ‘America/América’: Toward Entangled Americas and a Blueprint for Inter-American ‘Area Studies’
Rebecca Fuchs, University of Mannheim:
Decolonizing the Plantation Machine as the Curse of Coloniality in Caribbean Theory and Fiction
Mirko Petersen, Bielefeld University:
A Dangerous Excess? Rethinking Populism in the Americas
Julia Roth, Bielefeld University:
Decolonizing American Studies: Toward a Politics of Intersectional Entanglements
Olaf Kaltmeier, Bielefeld University:
Inter-American Perspectives for the Rethinking of Area Studies
Markus Heide, Uppsala University & Guillermo Verdecchia, Toronto
Border Issues on Stage Latino-Canadianness, the Americas, and the Representation of Arabs in the Theatre of the Canadian playwright Guillermo Verdecchia, an Interview
Josef Raab, University of Duisburg-Essen
Interamerican Studies: Why and Whither?