Mission Statement

The forum for inter-american research (fiar) is the official electronic journal of the International Association of Inter-American Studies (IAS). fiar was established by the American Studies Program at Bielefeld University in 2008.

We foster a dialogic and interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Americas. fiar is a peer-reviewed online journal. Articles in this journal undergo a double-blind review process and are published in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. We do not charge readers or institutions for full text access. In addition to written work we also publish selected audiovisual material of conference presentations, keynotes, and video features.

The editorial board consists of a broad range of international scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds.

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[49] 521-106-3493


[49] 521-106-3657
(European Standard Time)


Postfach 100131
D-33501 Bielefeld


The Ring of fiar

General Editor:

Prof. Wilfried Raussert, Bielefeld University, Germany


Prof. Yolanda Campos Garcia, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico /Spanish Section

Luisa Raquel Ellermeier, Bielefeld University, Germany /Spanish Section

Prof. Stephen Joyce, Aarhus University, Denmark/ English Section

Dr. Marius Littschwager, Bielefeld University, Germany /Spanish Section, Layout and Format

Mahshid Mayar, Bielefeld University, Germany /English Section

Prof. Joachim Michael, Bielefeld University, Germany /Portuguese Section

Dr. Paula Prescod, Université d´Amiens, France /French Section

Prof. Wilfried Raussert, Bielefeld University, Germany /English Section

Susana Rocha Teixeira, Bielefeld University, Germany /Portuguese Section

Brian Rozema, Bielefeld University, Germany /English Section, Web and Social Media

Editorial Board:

Prof. Mita Banerjee, Mainz University, Germany

Prof. William Boelhower, Louisiana State University, USA

Prof. Nuala Finnegan, University College Cork, Ireland

Prof. Emerita Lise Gauvin, Université de Montréal, Canada

Prof. Maryemma Graham, University of Kansas, USA

Dr. Jean-Louis Joachim, Université des Antilles, Martinique

Prof. Djelal Kadir, Penn State University, USA

Dr. Luz Angélica Kirschner, South Dakota State University, USA

Prof. John Ochoa, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Prof. John Carlos Rowe, University of Southern California, USA

Prof. David Ryan, University College Cork, Ireland

Prof. Sebastian Thies, University of Tübingen, Germany

Dr. Cécile Vigouroux, Simon Fraser University, Canada


Alina Muñoz