Caribbean Entanglements. Culture(s) and Nature Revisited

Johannes Bohle & Marius Littschwager (Bielefeld University)


Set off by the spatial turn, there is an ongoing struggle in the social sciences and in the humanities to grasp and conceptualize fluid, contingent, and relational understandings of flows, mobilities, and multiplicities. In the Caribbean, “archipelagization provides one entry point […]” to grasp these understandings (Boyce-Davies 3). Starting from that entry point, numerous ideas have evolved. For instance, Benítez-Rojo’s notion of the repeating-island (1992) to more recent ideas such as island movements (Pugh), and approaches called Transatlantic Caribbean (Kummels et al.). The debates are far from being complete and the present special issue on Caribbean entanglements represents a critical intervention on these understandings….

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