Book review “Urban Reflections: Photography and Poetry in Dialogue”

Sutanuka Ghosh Roy, The University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India


Urban Reflections: Photography and Poetry in Dialogue is a book dedicated to street artists and urban dwellers. While we walk in the city many a times, we are present and at the same time absent –closing our eyes to people, to things near. Myriad of thoughts cross our mind while we are caught up in matters of everyday life and we walk the streets lost in glamorous sights. As the foreword to the book states, “this book wants to unravel the beauty and politics of contemporary city space in the Americas. It wishes to create a dialogue between photography, poetry, and street art.” Street art is unofficial in nature; it is independent visual art created usually in public locations for public visibility. Sometimes, it takes the form of guerrilla art, which has an intention to make a bold personal statement about the society in general in which the artist lives in.

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