Deterritorializadas y Deslenguadas, pero Heroizadas: Concepción Benavídez, Juana García y Celaya Reyes

Margarita Ramos Godínez and Sara Quintero Ramírez

Unversidad de Guadalajara


Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Reyna Grande and Sandra Cisneros, Chicana authors of Calligraphy of the Witch, Across a Hundred Mountains and Caramelo or puro cuento respectively, show through their female and main characters, Concepción Benavídez, Juana García and Celaya Reyes, three women of Mexican roots that fortuitously migrate or are born in the United States where they experience the deterritorialization (Deleuze & Guattari) and the ‘deslenguación’ (Anzaldúa). Moreover, the three women describe their geographical trips at the same time they travel into themselves in order to refer to their process of change, therein heroism/transculturation lies.

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